HIC                                       亨亞實業公司

                               HINASIA INDUSTRIAL Co.


        亨亞實業公司於一九八八年成立, 由一間小規模原料供應商,供應電鍍化工原料及技術支援深得眾多大型化工廠,金屬製造商的信任和支持, 現發展為稍具規模之供應商.

    1995 年與臺灣三川宏有限公司合作生產金屬表面電鍍過瀘泵, EMI 無電沉鎳過瀘泵環保專用泵浦, 耐酸鹼液化工泵涌, 深得業界鼎力支持, 甚獲好評, 現得一系列環球信譽超著的供應商產品分銷,確保穩貨源充足,提供優質產品如:


挪威 FALCONBRIDGE, 日本千葉硫酸銅光澤劑, 芬蘭 OUTOKUMPU,

比利時 Umicore, 臺灣TAC活性炭, 產品.

        本公司於 2000 年因客要求從臺灣進口專給錶帶及造鎖行業專用高鈷 (M42) 鑽咀, (M2) 鑽咀, 車刀鋼, 銑刀, 及磨光用尼龍碌.

        作為一間華資公司, 除了現代化管理外, 亨亞亦堅守傳統優良的營商理念, 穩健求進, 講求誠信, 以禮侍客及供應商. 此等信念, 維持公司在業內有良好信譽及業務持續壯大的基石.


        Hinasia was set up in 1988. With the continuous support and trust from both customers and suppliers, it has now been developed into a sizeable trading company from a small scale trader, in supplying electroplating metal and chemicals to electroplating, electronic and metal industries.

        Apart from electroplating metal and chemicals, we also diversify our business to electroplating machinery and equipment by co-operating with Taiwan well-known metal finishing electroplating filters and pumps company namely. SAN CHUAN HUNG CO., LTD.

        Being a Dealer of different kinds of well brand products, high quality products can be provided consistently from these sizeable and reliable overseas suppliers such as Bayer, Degussa Germany, INCO Canada, Eramet France, FALCONBRIDGE Norway, TAC Taiwan, and OMG U.S.A. products etc.

        With our integrity, well goodwill and modern management, we conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way, which establishes our solid foundation in those related industry.